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How to Determine the Difficulty Level of a Hike

If you're wondering how to determine the difficulty level of a hike, it's not always straightforward. That's why we rely on common sense and reasonability to give an approximate idea of what hikers can expect. Natalia Portugalia hiking tours are designed for various types of people, so all you need is adequate physical preparation and a special love for hiking. We determine the difficulty level of each hike based on factors such as distance, terrain type, and, whenever possible, predicted weather conditions. If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Regardless of whether the hike is easy or difficult, come and experience the magic of nature.

These hikes are perfect for everyone and don't require much physical effort. They cover short distances with no significant inclines on regular terrain.

level 2

These hikes are still suitable for everyone, but cover slightly longer distances and may include some ups and downs that require a bit more physical effort and skill, although without the need for high physical preparation.

level 3

These hikes are intended for most people who are in good health and reasonably fit. You can expect some significant inclines and occasionally more challenging terrain, but nothing too daunting.

level 4

These hikes are for people who have some hiking experience and a relatively good physical condition. They may include significant inclines at various points along the way and occasionally more rugged terrain.

level 5

These hikes are intended for experienced hikers with good physical preparation, endurance, resistance and motivation. They normally have uneven terrain with some frequency and will definitely have technical difficulties. 

level 1

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