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Cabo Espichel Dinosaur Tracks

Discover the 160 million years old fossilized footprints of dinosaurs

  • 2 hours
  • from 17 € per person
  • Cabo Espichel, Sesimbra <*Hotel Pick-up is Optional>

What to Expect

Distance: 4 km Difficulty Level: | 1 | - Easy Minimum participants: 2 Available for children from 4 years old Step back in time and unearth the majestic Jurassic era dinosaurs. Over 160 million years ago, colossal four-legged sauropods traversed a shallow lagoon, leaving behind perfectly preserved footprints. Today, you can explore the fossilized footprints of these prehistoric creatures at Cabo Espichel, a spellbinding location in Portugal nestled between the "infinity of the sky, the stability of the earth and the dark depths of the sea." Here, you will get acquainted with the historical creation of The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Espichel Cape and have the opportunity to admire the impressive church, aqueduct, hermitage, and delightful chapel perched atop the cliff summit. Revel in the breathtaking views of the limitless ocean, the Lisbon coast, and the Sintra mountains from the second westernmost cape of Europe.

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